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The 9th China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition

China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition (PM CHINA) was founded in 2008, after eight years of rapid development, PM CHINA in terms of exhibition area, number of exhibitors, buyers and other groups are increasing year by year,

Development of powder injection molding will focus on material and design

Metal powder injection molding technology process compared with the traditional process, with high precision, uniform structure, excellent performance, low production costs, its products are widely used in electronic information engineering, bio-medical equipment, office equipment, vehicles, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, watches and clocks, weapons and aerospace industries.

Metal injection molding will have more and more new markets

Powder metallurgy injection molding is one of the results of research and development of powder metallurgy technology extends. Powder metallurgy technology can minimize the alloy component segregation, eliminating coarse, uneven casting organization.